Based on the Nielsen report for 2017, we are exploring examples of 3 countries for more competent profiling - China, South Korea and Japan. All of them represent the most active regions of Asia in the context of eSports. In Asia, most of the fans of e-sports millennials, with the main age group from 25 to 34 years. From the point of view of preferences of e-sports games, the majority of eSports spectators are interested in PC games. In turn, mobile games rank second in esports betting popularity in China and South Korea, accounting for 53% and 44% of each countrys e-sports fan base, respectively. Unlike Asia, in Europe and South America, the competitive scene for mobile games is less popular. As stated by NewZoo, this is due to the priority culture of mobile devices, which is particularly noticeable in China. At the same time, console e-sports in Japan attracts more viewers than in any other Asian country.